Saturday, August 27, 2011

Things That are Obvious, Vol. 2

If you missed volume 1, you can find it here. Turns out that some things that I think are incredibly obvious aren't to other people. Feel free to add to the list.

1. When an item, say a baby bottle, has a "fill line" it's there for a reason.

2. After 2 glasses of water, lunch, a snack and a nap, a toddler will likely need a diaper change, even if no poop is present.

3. When cleaning the kitchen, part of the task is also cleaning the counter tops. (seriously, they were filthy)

4. If a baby spits up on a rug, wiping it up is just what you do, even if the rug will have to be washed later. Leaving full on spit-up present is just gross.

5. Reporting to your wife that you are just as tired as she is because even though you don't get out of bed when the baby is crying, it doesn't mean you are sleeping is likely to lead to domestic violence.

*Disclaimer: I love my husband--he is an amazing father and does far more hands-on parenting than most. AND he is a good sport and doesn't read my blog. ;)


EMAAC said...

My husband dared to tell me #5 once -- ONCE. I think it falls under the same principal as if your man is sick, there's no one sicker in the world and he must be close to death. I can only imagine the look on your face- priceless!

Kevin & Grace said...
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