Monday, August 1, 2011

Spit It Out

I love Facebook. It satisfies my need to peek in on people I care about, but rarely see. It's been especially useful while on maternity leave--I feel like I actually have an inkling of what's happening in the world while I try to keep my head above water with a toddler and newborn.

Turns out, though, that the people who irritate me in real life irritate me just the same on the interwebs. Typically, the two types of comments that cause irritation are housed in one person. They leave me feeling awkward and like a gossip-monger. These irritating behaviors? (Statuses below are actual updates from my friend list)

1. Vaguebooking--The hidden message status updates such as:
*"Feeling really down :("
*"Feeling kinda broken today. . . "
*"In a bad mood"
*"Sad. But needed to get this day over with."
*"Having a b-day party for my July boys!! This day is filled with many emotions... I'm so proud of these children... And wish I could always take away the sadness in their lives... But sometimes even a mom can't make bad things go away... "

How am I to respond to these comments? I want to ask what the heck happened, but that seems so invasive and rude. However I do think if they leave that loaded status out there for all to see, perhaps they want me/others to ask? I won't, though, and end up just scouring their FB page for a hint of what's happening.

2. Continual negative or sad status updates. All from one page:
--Oh man. People will never cease to amaze or disappoint me. Glad I'm better than that! :)
--Quite literally the worst night of my entire existence.
--‎"I guess there's got to be a break in the monotony, but Jesus when it rains, how it pours"
--Giving up.

Sheesh. That kind of negativity must be exhausting.

3. The chronic over-poster. You know? The ones that 'check in' every step of the day: at home!, in bed, at the baseball game, at Wal-Marts (for real). I would like to focus on the witty, interesting parts of people's lives. . . not their every waking moment. The Over-Poster feels a bit like bragging, don't you think?

That's it. I don't know if it makes me pathetic for writing a whole post on what posts bug me, but there you have it. What FB faux pas bug you?


jill said...

the one that gets me the most is the one of a pregnant mom. most of her posts were that of:
"god, i wish he would just come out already."
"so done being pregnant."
"pregnancy isn't for me. just give me the baby."
let it be,she had her sweet son at 34 weeks. i'm sure she wasn't thinking about his health, the mega amount of medical bills and leaving the hospital without her baby. in that situation, i'll gladly keep cooking my baby to avoid all of that.
and i really can't stand the negative nancy and debbie downer.

Candy said...

I ended up doing a suicide intervention based on one of those vague negative posts. It was with a girl a knew in high school but haven't seen since - but her posts were so awful that I felt I needed to say something. I messaged her when she was on one night and 2 to 3 hours later still felt very uncertain of her safety as well as her child's. Things seem ok now and I'm glad I said something, I think she really needed to talk and to start a post-bad husband plan.

My least favorite posts, however, were from my sister-in-law - which usually consisted of bashing my family or something that my parents believe in - I ended up unfriending her because she made me too mad :)