Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I hope my baby likes caffeine. . .

Things that are getting me through the workday, in no particular order:

*Purchased on my way to work, even though I was running a tad late, thanks to needing to watch "New Olivia" and a cranky 3-month old.

*Kept in the fridge in my office, sanity comes in small, bite-sized pieces.

*My savior nemesis. My friend, Deana, has been known to say that "Diet Coke is harder to quit than crack." Rest assured this is through no personal experience for her with crack, she just means that if she smoked crack and had to pick which one to chose, it would probably be the crack because it might be easier. Got it?

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Lisa said...

It IS hard to give up Diet Coke. The only reason I was able to is because I got really sick with a flu type bug and couldn't have it for 5 days. After that I figured it was just easier to not start drinking it again. But now I totally want some reeses peanut butter cups!