Friday, July 18, 2008

Forgetfulness has gotten the best of me. . .

Gah! I can't remember anything--including the need to update this blog! The baby is stealing memory cells from my brain!

Hmm. I feel like most of my time is pushing through the workday (which is becoming easier) and then being a vegetable on the couch in the evenings. I have actually even managed a couple of social outings after work--this is definitely a new development. This week I managed my volunteer duty at the WARM Place on Tuesday AND a visit to Camp Carter on Wednesday. I even managed to get into bed at a decent time! I have quickly learned, however much I enjoy socializing, that staying up too late equals feeling rotten the next day. Boo.

My second doctor's appt. was last Friday and my mom joined me, as Chris had an appt at Fort Worth PD. It was a fairly basic appointment. . . although we did get to hear the baby's heartbeat with the use of a doppler machine. It's amazing to hear such a thing--I don't really look any different (I'm starting to a bit) and there's a heart beating away in my tummy! Perhaps the most exciting development was scheduling the appointment for the ultrasound to determine anatomy is in the right spots and to find out the gender for September 4, 2008. In a spectacular coincidence, this coincides with my mom's 60th birthday! There's just not a better present at this point.

The title of this post should be "Ode to my Husband". Seriously. I think our house would be falling down around us if it were left only to me. Chris has grocery shopped, cooked, cleaned, done laundry--you name it. And with little complaint. It is hard to accept graciously--I feel like such a lazy slob, but a the same time rarely have the energy to change the outcome. Blah. So if you see Chris, he probably needs a pat on the back. . .

And for those of you wondering. . . still no bites on the house. Grr. Trying not to get too worked up about it, stay patient, etc., but it is difficult at times. Actually, I have been so tired that it's been okay. The point I think it will become more difficult is if we haven't sold by the time we find out the gender--I just don't feel like we can plan ahead at all! So everyone unite positive thoughts that our house will be THE House for someone soon!