Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Now I'm not so sure. . .

For months, we have been trying to get Elliott to say "truck" instead of a blanket term of "cahhh" for anything with wheels. Frequently, our conversations went like this:

Elliott: Cahhh. Big cahhh.

Mommy/Daddy: I see that truck, Elliott. It's a big truck!

Elliott: Big cahhh, mama!

Mommy/Daddy: Sigh in resignation, followed by smothered giggles.

In the past week, this has all changed. Our little man has started commenting on "big cucks" on a continuous basis. "Big cuck." "Dada cuck." "Ride cuck, mama." Our hearts swelled with pride. What brilliance! What observations! How amazing!

Stop. Hold the presses. It now is evident that Ell's pronunciation of the word "truck" sounds like a slang term for a certain male appendage. This, combined with the adjective "big" makes it just that much more cringe-worthy. What was wrong with him calling all wheeled vehicles "cahhh," anyway?


EMAAC said...

My sons got their t's and f's confused so big truck became big f---. It was lovely.

Courtneytcu98 said...

Bahahaha, Liz! I am very grateful that's not happening at our house!

A.B. said...

At least it's big? Too much?

Deana said...

Proof that a dirty mind is a dominant gene. Love it.