Saturday, January 1, 2011

Finally--Christmas pics!

Christmas, through the eyes of a child, is magic. Elliott had no idea about gifts or what Santa actually did besides saying "ho ho ho." But Christmas morning was magic in our house. Santa scouted out a new "maaa-mooo" (vacuum) AND brought a kitchen in which our future domestic engineer can play.

Mommy and Daddy gave him a babydoll on which to practice:

Cooking with baby:

And because I got the cutest baby bows for baby Brooklyn. . . and because baby Brooklyn is still baking:

Yes, that is my nephew. And no, his father hasn't seen those photos, but he's the progressive sort so I'm not worried--mostly.


Deana said...

My Lord, he is precious! This made my heart melt into an absolute puddle. That truly is magic!

Michelle said...

He is so so cute with that kitchen and baby doll! I wanted to get Jack a doll too and now I think I will. Its funny b/c we got Jack the same kitchen after you shared it b/c I like it better, and now I can tell just how much bigger Elliot is then Jack. Love the pics.