Thursday, January 6, 2011

How do you make friends in Suburbia?

I've been pondering this question since approximately the end of April, when we moved to the Land of Tract Homes. This new Land is full of families, families with kids. I was certain that new Mommy Friends would be crawling out of the woodwork to chat me up and share a glass of wine. Negative.

It turns out that when both parents work full-time and Mommy arrives home around 6pm most nights, it is just enough time for the dinner-bath-bed routine. No progressive dinners and shared bottles of wine around here.

BUT, a doorbell ring this Sunday brought a neighbor and his two kids. This friendly family wanted to know if we wanted this:

The answer, of course, was a resounding yes. And after one night of getting home too late to play and one morning with a toddler staring out the window, begging to go outside, instead of eating his breakfast, this is what happened:

So, back to my question--how the hell to you make neighbor-friends? (Remember, I grew up with my only neighbors being family, so I am legitimately ignorant on this one.)

P.S. I think that my kiddo just might be the cutest on the planet. I'm biased, I know.


The Garrett Family said...

I can't believe we moved out of the neighborhood right as y'all were moving in. We would have been your friends! It will get better when the weather is nicer, y'all can go to the park and meet other families with young kids. And of course the pool in the summer too. I feel the same way in our new neighborhood!

EMAAC said...

Another good tip is to just play outside during the prime hours on the weekend. That's how I have met alot of moms. the more you're outside, the better. Hope this helps!

Deana said...

I think if the whole world just had a "WHEEE!!!" moment once a day, people would feel a whole lot better and nicer to each other.