Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Guess what?

I got to buy this today:

Yes, that means what you think it means! A baby girl will be arriving at our house sometime at the first-mid May. I am fairly certain that her name will be Brooklyn Claire because Chris and I actually agree, which is a small miracle. He has vetoed my other favorites: Hadley, Campbell and Emerson--oh, and Olivia. Olivia because turns out that naming our children after the pair of sex crime detectives on one of our favorite TV shows is not appropriate. Oh well. See why I need to stick with the name on which we both agree? Otherwise it could be a delivery room decision and that doesn't seem wise.

This means I get to use one of the two sets of girl bedding I purchased long, long ago--the bedding I was sure that jinxed me.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My weekend was full of celebrating and not enough resting. I'm not complaining now, but certainly will be when I return to work tomorrow. A quick run-down of the events:

*Dinner with the Hubs at Simply Fondue on Friday evening. A delicious, extended dining experience that left me uncomfortably full. The highlight of the evening was most definitely the dark chocolate raspberry cabernet dessert.
*A mini shopping trip with my wee family. Fun even if we did go to the mall. On a Saturday. During the holidays.
*An overnight stay at a foufy local hotel. This was the view from the window of our 18th floor room:

*Celebrating and socializing with my THERAPY 2000 friends. Who doesn't love getting dressed up and enjoying a night out, even with less-than-desirable food?
*A perfect lunch and shopping date with one of my other favorite people on the planet, my friend, Stephanie. It is so delicious to have one-on-one time sans kids with the dearest of friends.
*And finally, hanging with my love watching season finale of The Amazing Race & Cowboys game with Chili's take-out.

Yup. I am one lucky girl.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


One of these is one top of our fridge, with an ever-dwindling supply of Halloween candy:

Elliott calls it puhp-ohhh. Puhp-ohhh has come to mean candy in Elliott's world. Conversations in our home often go like this:

Mommy: Elliott, what would you like for breakfast--cereal or toast?

Elliott: Puhp-ohhh

Mommy: Sigh in defeat.

Tonight E's monologue went like this:

"Hi, Puhp-ohhh. I wuv uuu, puhp-ohhh."

This was right before he begged for a granola bar and then picked out the chocolate chips one by one. I blame this sugar-mania on my husband, who loves all things candy. I fear we're going to need locks on candy locations in this house.