Sunday, December 12, 2010

My weekend was full of celebrating and not enough resting. I'm not complaining now, but certainly will be when I return to work tomorrow. A quick run-down of the events:

*Dinner with the Hubs at Simply Fondue on Friday evening. A delicious, extended dining experience that left me uncomfortably full. The highlight of the evening was most definitely the dark chocolate raspberry cabernet dessert.
*A mini shopping trip with my wee family. Fun even if we did go to the mall. On a Saturday. During the holidays.
*An overnight stay at a foufy local hotel. This was the view from the window of our 18th floor room:

*Celebrating and socializing with my THERAPY 2000 friends. Who doesn't love getting dressed up and enjoying a night out, even with less-than-desirable food?
*A perfect lunch and shopping date with one of my other favorite people on the planet, my friend, Stephanie. It is so delicious to have one-on-one time sans kids with the dearest of friends.
*And finally, hanging with my love watching season finale of The Amazing Race & Cowboys game with Chili's take-out.

Yup. I am one lucky girl.

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