Tuesday, December 7, 2010


One of these is one top of our fridge, with an ever-dwindling supply of Halloween candy:

Elliott calls it puhp-ohhh. Puhp-ohhh has come to mean candy in Elliott's world. Conversations in our home often go like this:

Mommy: Elliott, what would you like for breakfast--cereal or toast?

Elliott: Puhp-ohhh

Mommy: Sigh in defeat.

Tonight E's monologue went like this:

"Hi, Puhp-ohhh. I wuv uuu, puhp-ohhh."

This was right before he begged for a granola bar and then picked out the chocolate chips one by one. I blame this sugar-mania on my husband, who loves all things candy. I fear we're going to need locks on candy locations in this house.

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A.B. said...

I say take it back and blame whoever gave him icing at my baby shower. It's their fault.