Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What's Different?

I feel like people are always saying, "every pregnancy is different." I get that, I guess until now my two pregnancies haven't been all that radically different. Differences to date--positive, negative and in-between:

1. I can still wear my wedding and engagement rings. At this point in my pregnancy with Elliott, they were hanging around my neck. I know that by the time D-date (delivery date) arrives, they may be around my neck again, but for now I'm excited.

2. Limited to no sciatica. Thank the Lord above, because that crap is painful!

3. No wrist/carpal tunnel pain. This means both hands are fully functional upon waking in the morning and I haven't had to bust out the especially lovely braces.

4. Much slower return of energy. I remember the energy surge hitting last time around oh, 15 weeks? Well, here I sit at 21 weeks pregnant and have finally got an ounce of energy back. I've actually helped to clean up the kitchen this week after dinner.

5. 3 stomach viruses in 2 months this pregnancy. Zero stomach viruses with Ell.

6. Ummm, well this time I'll end up with a baby with a vagina and last time we brought home a baby with a penis. Definitely the most major difference. That, and BOWS. We've already started a collection, as you might have noticed here.

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SarahThe said...

#5 could very well be the reason that you're still wearing those rings. :)