Sunday, August 28, 2011

Redeeming Myself. . .

I need to redeem myself a bit. Turns out that when you link a blog post on Facebook your husband who never reads your blog will then read the post. Then your husband might feel you've said that he's inept. Le sigh. I'm not saying this happened at my house, per se, but just in case. . . Let me list some things that are obvious about my husband:

1. My husband cooks. A lot. And it's even good stuff.

2. If I wake him up, he willingly changes a diaper and rocks the baby girl.

3. On mornings we are both home, he always lets me sleep. Not sure if this is self-preservation or just kindness.

4. He makes me cocktails. Anytime I ask.

5. When I ask, "Honey, would you . . .?" The answer is almost always yes, even if a sigh accompanies it.

6. I'm controlling. He still loves me.

7. I'm bossy. He still loves me.

8. I'm lazy. He still loves me.

9. Two words: grocery shopping.

10. No complaints about girl's night. I need way more away-time than he does, but he gets it and let's me do my thing. He's also never complained about the passel of girlfriends that came with our marriage. He even genuinely likes them an appreciates their relationships with me and how they love our children.

11. He always tells me I'm pretty, even when it's clearly a lie.

12. He once told me my gray hair looked like "blond highlights" to him. He was serious. . . at least I think so.

13. Did I mention I'm bossy and controlling? Yeah, those are pretty big things.

14. He's been known to bring me flowers 'just because.'

15. He's a loving, hands-on, thoughtful, consistent father to our chitlins.