Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sneak Attack

Toddlers are stealthy. I know, I know, no one describes them this way. More often they are described as loud, clumsy, curious beings. But turns out that in the wee hours? Stealthy. At approximately 5:37am this morning, I heard a wee voice emerging from the dark. "Mommy, I wanna eat."

No warning swish of the diaper, no padding feet, just the stealth of a tired toddler (can I still legitimately call him that at 2 1/2+?). Sheesh kid! I'm not good with surprise wake-ups. . . I mean, I wake-up when your sister wants to eat, but that requires very little thought besides throwing the appropriate body part out there. This response? This took thought.

In a voice heavy with sleep, I managed to stumble through saying that it was still dark outside and when it's dark it's time for sleeping. I even went so far as to offer acceptable choice options: getting in my bed and going back to sleep or returning to the BBB and going back to sleep. (Impressive, aren't I?)

Guess which one he chose? No really, guess.

The BBB. Amen and amen because that boy has some seriously dangerous moves in his sleep. Like he's training to be a ninja. . . which could also account for the stealthiness.

That's it. It all makes sense now. I'm raising a ninja. Hrm.

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