Friday, August 19, 2011

My House of Cards

In the world of social networking and constant sharing, it's easy to believe everyone has 'it' all together. Well, I have to put it out there that is is a falsehood perpetuated through pictures. I'm pretty sure no one has it completely together (right?). Case in point: my mom came over today to help me fold 5 laundry baskets full of clean clothes. We stashed some in our ginormous closet when Chris' parents came to visit 3 weeks ago, had another mountain of clean in the hallway and had to punt by piling them in Brooklyn's room in order that our hallway could be swept.. . by our cleaning agency, because let's face it--two parents who work full-time can't keep a house in any kind of working order. Especially when one of them NEEDS to sit and have some recoup time in the evenings (that's me). I mean really, at 8:30 in the evening, who is folding clothes? Not this guy. That is how I had 5 (count 'em, 5) receptacles of clean clothes, plus an ever-growing mountain on the floor. House of Cards=fallen.

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