Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stick a Fork in Me

Yep. I'm done. Done with bad news and sad events. I went to the second memorial service in one week today for a young lady who did far too soon. Every parents' worst nightmare happened to two people I love dearly, one of whom shaped who I am in very significant ways, not because of telling me what he thought, but because of asking the right questions. To see him break, to be shattered at the loss of a daughter who was a friend as well as daughter, was heart-breaking to me. Showing how well he knew and loved his daughter, there was no traditional dress-up and be miserable and have stupid music and speak in hushed tones funeral. Nope. This amazing lady was celebrated with ice chests full of beer, a memorial book to sign, barbeque, queso and cookies. And friends. Oh the friends! Friends of all ages--elderly family friends, college professors, co-workers, drinking buddies, dates, and dearest girlfriends came to celebrate this life. Perhaps the saddest was the dog she had raised from 4 weeks old that wandered around looking for food and his beloved owner. A memorial that combined toasts from the heart--THAT is how a life should be celebrated and ushered out.

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Deana said...

I am so glad you were able to go. I know that Bryan played a significant role in your life, and who you are now. What a wonderful way to remember and honor such a joyful life.