Sunday, July 10, 2011

Things That are Obvious. . .

at least to me:

1. When a baby is screaming for a significant period and she's fed, a diaper change might be helpful.

2. That the answer to the question, "Is it okay if she (a 7 week old baby) is face down on the bed with her face smushed in the mattress?" is self-evident.

3. Announcing the morning after the exact time of the baby waking screaming (2:37am) and not moving an inch is an error of significance with the mom of a newborn. This could lead to a discussion explicitly asking, "if you hear the baby and I'm using the restroom, it would be helpful to get up and change her diaper instead of rolling over and going back to sleep."

4. Continuing to calmly eat a meal while your wife juggles a screaming baby is kind of oblivious.

5. Your wife is not tearing down your weight-loss and fitness goals by being upset that she was alone an extra hour because you stayed late to work out. On a holiday. After being gone the entire evening before.

6. Leaving the house with a two year-old and newborn is an event of monumental effort.

7. Asking parent of said two year-old and newborn to be somewhere at 8am dressed for photographs is only possible in dreams.

8. Traveling as a single parent with both kids, one 2 1/2, the other 6 weeks old, is not going to happen. No matter the guilt trip supplied.

9. Asking if the mother of a newborn, "Are you getting any sleep?" is kind of a ridiculous question. (see below)

10. Sleep deprivation breeds resentment toward others. It's true. Ask any parent of a newborn.

11. Mentioning how "exhausted," "tired," or "pooped" you are in the presence of a parent of a tiny baby or older child with sleeping difficulties is foolhardy. This will lead to being the recipient of the stink-eye. See comment regarding resentment above.

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