Wednesday, May 2, 2012

We DID Have Easter. . .

I just forgot to blog about it.  I'm not sure what this says about me.  There was a lot of cuteness, so here ya' go:

Brooklyn had her own lunch on the grass while we were waiting for Glammy & Poppy to get home from church.

The pouting face.  I call it his duck face.  

I love that they are both looking the same way.

Ell wouldn't sit for a pic with Mommy.  Brooklyn was corralled but not happy about it.

Manny & Griffin love.

Best shot o' the day.  Griffin and Poppy.

We tried to get a group grandkid shot.  Griffin wasn't having it.

Sit next to?  Sit on?  They're the same, right?

Sibling love here.  

Uncle Ben & G$

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A.B. said...

Those are cute kids. Just sayin.