Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lessons from the Beauty School

So you know I'm thrifty.  Frugal? Cheap?  It's true.  So when I had my second child, I broke up with my fancy hair guy.  I have taken on our local hair academy, which is no easy task.  No hair disaster, but I did learn a few things today (if you are one of the 3 people who follow my Twitter feed, this will be like deja vu):

*Number 1: Time is not money.  For if it was, a basic hair cut would not take 2 hours.

*Number 2: Neck and upper back tattoos, and maybe a sleeve, really probably help cutting precision.

*Number 3: Acid washed jeans are making a comeback. It scares me.  I feel about them the way my most must have felt about bell bottoms. 

*Number 4: The 20 year old student asked how I style my hair. 15 year age difference evident in the confusion on my face.

*Number 5: All jeans should be tight on your arse. I mean seriously skin tight.  Maybe it helps them remain upright all day?

*Number 6: Head-only practice mannequins are creeptastic. And they stare at you.

*Number 7:Don't panic when the student stylist tells instructor she's never done that cut before.  Or when she fails to even tell you her name.  I'm sure it's just because she's concentrating.

*Number 8: I am old. Old and definitely not trendy. AND I'm okay with that.

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