Saturday, May 26, 2012

Freedom of Speech?

There is an unspoken horror to being pregnant.  It is the freedom with which people choose to comment on your size, the baby's name, how you should parent, and on an on.

This week?  The receptionist at my OB's office said in confusion, "You're not due until September?! And it's just one?  Hey, Suzie--Look, she's not due until September!"   A parent of patient said something along the lines of, "That baby is really growing! I'm surprised you're still getting around so well!"

Both times, I stuttered and stammered to explain that's what happens when you're pregnant with your third child  only 7 months after your second.  I'm not good on the spot.

Take away lessons:
*Only comment on announced pregnancies--nothing worse that being asked when baby is due when baby is 4 months old.
*The ONLY acceptable comment to someone's pregnant belly is, "You look GREAT."r

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