Saturday, May 5, 2012

We are Party Animals (Or Celebrating Five Years)

Last weekend, we had officially been married five years.  Five long, but really very fast, years.  It's complicated.  So last night, Chris and I trotted off for a mini-vacation in our next-door city.  We got a fab deal on a B&B and we were kind of like rockstars.  You know, if rockstars just liked to eat at delicious places and were back in their rooms by 8:30 hanging out, having wine on a balcony and reading on the Kindle.  Everyone celebrates at their own rate, so there.  Today we finished up a ride on the McKinney trolley cars--ours was made in 1913, a trip to an uber-chichi mall and forever drive to pick up our children, who I only called to talk/check-on approximately six times in 24 hours.   It was pretty glorious, I can't lie.

From top left:  Wild About Harry's frozen custard amazingness, Chris playing Elvis at the toy store, dinner at Si Tapas, our B&B and the amazing sky as storms blew in.

From top left:  Dallas skyline, a fun building, inside the trolley car x2, my feet chillaxin' on the trolley, boys in the Gayborhood, Uptown Station stop, Chris' ring on the trolley, Gloria's! and vintage ad located around the top of the trolley.

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