Thursday, May 24, 2012

Spaghetti! . . . and Watermelon?

My baby loves to eat.  Everything (except sour milk).  Seriously, the girl shovels food into her mouth by the handful.  I hope her "high metabolism" sticks around if her appetite remains on track.  The week?  Spaghetti.  Those eyes of hers are killer, and despite the fact that she sucks her bottom lip in, it is actually quite full.  I am a mom, which is confirmed by staring at my child in awe, amazed by her perfection.  I also figured I'd have a passel of brown-eyed kids, so to have a child with startlingly blue eyes is mesmerizing to me.

What?  Do I have something on my face?

Watermelon and spaghetti?  Why yes, those do go together.

This is her raspberry face.  She's good at making that noise.  

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