Monday, August 30, 2010

Janitor or Bag Lady?

I have strong suspicions my Elliott could be either one.

1. He loves to clean. Loves. His favorite toys are a child-sized broom, mop, or the bottom half of a Swiffer. Sometimes he dusts with a feather duster. No really. He does. Occassionally, he says along witht he cleaning, "wee-uh, wee-uh." (sweep. sweep.)

2. Elliott has a new obsession with carrying his treasures around. Yesterday, this involved a handful of books, a cup, and socks with a random toy stuck under his chin. When that was no longer comfortable, he pulled a small wagon of Legos around stuffing in bits of trash, unmatched sacks, diaper inserts, his cups, a book and feather duster (see above).

These, the most favorite of his activities, have lead me to the solid conclusion that "Environmental Superintendant" or bag lady. I am certain that his father and I can influence him to seek higher education. Right?

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