Monday, August 16, 2010

The Do-Run-Run

That darn sinus infection knocked me down for two whole weeks, but it sure didn't knock me out. I do-ran-ran all over our neighborhood, despite the oppressive heat(it's seriously a bazillion degrees outside) and about a billion excuses I had at my disposal to not go. AND, I have a new favorite to share, brought to you by by brills sister, Amanda.

My thighs are BFFs, to borrow a quote from my sister. That makes this the best invention in a long, long time:

Yep. Perfect for sweaty runs in the bazillion degree heat, cute skirts and dresses in the same heat and protecting those sensitive armpits from hateful sports bras. How did we miss out on this brilliance in my many chafe-tastic summers of sweltering heat at El Tesoro? True,there is no Gold Bond tingle with application, but let's face it, the Gold Bond tingle came from already irritated skin. And the genius of Body Glide is the prevention of the irritation. Amazing, I tell you. Amazing enough to prevent all irritation in 100 degree heat in the chub-rub area after a day of dress-wearing and finishing up with a run. Revolutionary in my pants-area.


Naz said...

Holy crap! Where has this stuff been all my life? I've seen people -- runners (although totally from afar, of course), using what I thought was just Speed Stick on their inner thighs. Maybe this was their secret!

Keep me posted. Not that I'm gonna use it. Mainly because I'm not gonna pick up running. Just because it's yet another product I wish I'd invented. Damn the luck.

Valerie said...

This stuff is awesome! Vaseline works too for the chafing, but I think you look much cooler rolling it on off of a deodorant stick than slabbing Vaseline every where.

M,D,Esquare said...

oh sweet Jesus, i need some of this. I'm sure i would have completed my 10th marathon, and possibly even an Ironman, if i had known about this sooner. ;)