Sunday, August 8, 2010


After vacation, Elliott was obsessed with my best friend's middle child, Abby. He would talk about her in the mornings--"Abby, Abby, Abby." Or would point to any toddler-ish aged little girl and say "Abby, Abby, Abby."

Well, after far too long, we finally got to see the star of the show--Abigail herself. Abigail is a diva. She is rough and tumble, determined to match her brother step for step. Abigail is compassionate. With every blow of my nose, she would say "bwess you." Heart-warming. She is a bit bossy--turns out that she's not the best playmate for a friend's more laid-back child. I've told Elliott repeatedly that Abby or her sister, Addison, are on the approved list for marriage. I figure that their lessons in sharing are just preparing them for marriage. Right?She can light up the room with her smile, but this post is not about her smile. Oh no, this post is about her darling booty, exposed as she trailed up the playground after her brother. Her mom and I repeatedly reminded, "Pull up your bottoms, Abby." Dutifully, she tugged at the front of the suit, leaving the back continuously in the open breeze.

And Elliott? After a month of requesting Abby-Abby-Abby, Elliott was not all that concerned with playing with Abby. It took until the last 30 minutes of our visit before their parallel play worlds collided. I suppose Abby-Abby-Abby is a love interest from afar. I think the key to her heart is making friends with her big brother, Jackson. Finally, after over a year of wishing that little boy could DO something, Jackson and Elliott had a delirious game of chase. Yep. The way to her heart indeed.

And a glimpse into the fun of our Family Fun Day for my company, THERAPY 2000. We visited a 60s-era amusement park in the 103 degree heat. Brave, aren't I? Chris had to work, so Elliott and I set out for some fun on our own. Merry-go-round=screaming and clutching at mama. Train=success! And of course, everyone, and I mean everyone with whom we spoke, commented on those beautiful baby blues my baby sports. It makes this mama awfully proud, even if I can only thank Poppy's genes for those luscious eyelashes.

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MKS said...

He really so absolutely beautiful! I know I tell you that all the time...but I'm serious. I'm missing you Friend...hope to see you again soon as soon as our life returns to schedules...and maybe once the weather is cooler we could take the kids to a park in Keller. Love you.