Wednesday, August 25, 2010

God on Earth?

And again, today's Star of the Show, the ever sassy and observant, Abigail.

Setting: Sweet little Addison's Baptism party, attended by family and close friends (that's me). Other guests included my long-time friend and Addison's godmother, Kathy, and her family: Carl (hubs), Hailey & Hannah (daughters). The kids, all of them, were running wild playing together, or at least playing around each other loudly.

Abby decided that she needed some help from an adult to carry out her latest scheme, or maybe just to read her a book (her favorite past-time is being read to). She walked into the kitchen and calmly said:
Je-shush? Je-shush? Come hewe a minute?

Let me introduce you to Jesus, in Abby's eyes:

The rest of us know him as Carl, husband to Kathy and daddy to darling Hannah and Hailey. Kathy was surprised to be married to God on Earth and well, I don't think H & H are aware of their father's newly crowned status. What do you think?

I laughed until I cried, while Abigail stared on, with her precious face reading, "What's the heck is so funny, NeeNee?"

And as a bonus, this is what I may look like if I ever experience a stroke:

In case you were wondering, Je-shush took this amazing photograph.


picklesmama said...

Laughed out loud at this, still smiling :)

TheFabJG said... and your mother and the strokes. I wish you both stroke-free lives. That is a cute story. :)

A.B. said...

Just call it an "episode." That part made me laugh outloud.