Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Sinus infections suck. Like really suck. I have one and it's miserable. It started as a cold given to me graciously by my sweet son, Elliott. He is so thoughtful. So today I broke down and paid 65 buck-a-roos to have a doctor confirm what I already knew. The upside is that the additional 67 buck-a-roos for medication should provide some relief.

The dorky doctor with braces at the doc-in-a-box also kindly provided prescriptions for cough syrup with codeine and that oral yeast infection medication. Lucky me--I get a yeast infection (or "east" infection as my Nanny called it) with every antibiotic exposure. My husband thinks I should see an ENT because each and every cold I get results in a sinus infection. I know he's probably right, but it sure seems like a hell of a lot of hassle. Meh. Maybe someday? I'm an expert procrastinator, have I mentioned this? So someday I'll see an ENT and they'll say I have jacked sinuses. . . and then what? Yeah, that's the answer I'm dreading. Surgery. Surgery that could like hurt my brain. Sounds pretty miserable to me.

I bet I can procrastinate on this one a long, long while. Unless Chris has his say. We're going to keep that option off the table though, right?

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