Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Charmed Life?

*Please let me preface this post by saying that I am well aware of how absolutely, fantastically, lucky I am. This is just me whining.*

I am wondering how my sister has lucked into the charmed life.
1. Never experiencing a broken heart. That skinny, dorky boy with freckles and red hair that showed up at her high school graduation is now her considerate, funny, way less dorky husband.
2. She's athletic. And skinny. And smart. And funny. And fashionable. And beautiful. Wow.
3. She finds amazing deals for designer products. I always feel like a cheap copy of what she has told me might look good together. . .
4. A pregnancy with zero complications or illness. Seriously. Z-E-R-O.
5. Spontaneous labor. 17 minutes of pushing. First baby. Seriously, does that really happen to people? The answer is yes. It happens to people that lead charmed lives.
6. Immediately following giving birth to her oh-so-perfect son, she looked amazing. I just looked bloated and greasy.

7. No apparent anxiety over the whole parenting-thing.
8. Breastfeeding is EASY to her. Easy.
9. 18 pounds lost 9 days after giving birth. Uh-huh. That's no exaggeration.
10. She can have really short hair and not look like a moon face.

Despite all of her luckiness, it does not diminish my love and admiration of this woman I find myself lucky to call my sister, even if sometimes it leaves me searching for how I have "character" from things not quite as charmed in my life when compared to her. In my less bitter days, I know that we are both remarkably lucky women, products of our parents' love, acceptance and attention.


TheFabJG said...

I'm sure that she would say that YOU are the lucky one if you asked her (um, right, A?). I feel the same way about my brother a lot...I think it comes with sibling territory.

I think what makes A luckiest of all is that she has you for a sister. I'd kill to have you for a big sis.

Helen Hopkins said...

Both of my daughters have great lives. Neither of you have "charmed" lives, everyone has problems, some are just different than others. She LOVES to exercise, to me that is not charmed, just something she likes to do. You have a husband that loves, loves, loves you! He has told me more than once that he is a lucky man and you are beautiful. I think you are beautiful also. You are a fantastic Mother to an absolutely, beautiful child, who is also so sweet natured. Your first pregnancy was tough but that does not mean that your second or third or fourth or ever how many would be tough. And whoever Fab JG is, is right, you are a wonderfully loving, supportive sister and Amanda is lucky to have you as a sister, just like you are lucky to have a supportive, loving sister like Amanda. And most of all, I am so blessed to call you both daughters and friends! You are both wonderful, so alike and so different at the same time, you both enrich my life.

A.B. said...

FO sho. I heart my Seestor.