Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fulfillment & Frustration

Yesterday was crap-tastic. Of course, the high points are always the moments with Elliott (minus the face slaps, biting attempts and trying to rake my glasses off my face while trying to rock him into calmness each evening). So while filled with frustration at work, my Elliott laughed harder than ever last night--a tinkling of pure joy and amusement. Turns out my smarty-pants knows quite a few body parts, but not the tongue. I seized the moment to teach him when it came up in a book. As Elliott reached out with his plump,curious hands to touch my tongue (weird, I know)I pretended to be surprised and yelped. It was pretty funny so it must be repeated over and over, right? Yep. The third time we completed the sequence, I didn't know if Elliott could catch his breath and Chris had come from the other room to find out what had him cracking up. Purity and peace summed up in a moment with no toys, just parents, a child and a rocking chair.

Why is it that as adults it is so difficult to abandon ourselves to that kind of joy? I don't know the answer, but I do love the glimpses of it I sneak from time-to-time, almost all captured in laughing with abandon.

Laughter erased the dust of frustration layered upon my soul. It rocketed me away from my preoccupations and to find the connection that is my heart made human: my husband and my child wrapped up in laughter.

P.S. This is totally not the entry I sat down to write. I really thought it was going to be about running and how I totally rocked it tonight. I'm pretty sure what came out is better.

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TheFabJG said...

...speaking of discovering tongues...Christopher likes to grab mine when I stick it out at him and I then proceed to wiggle it into the palm of his hand. He thinks it is the most hilarious thing ever. Yeah, I lick my child in the name of humor...and it gives my heart as much joy as his. <3