Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sodden Bliss

Yesterday, Hermine came to town. It was the house-guest you think you'd like to have visit and then decide, "Oh crap! This is awkward. I made a mistake." What I'm trying to say is that we North Texans wanted rain, but we got way more than we had bargained.

Our dog, Humphrey, is the delicate, finicky sort (unless trying to eat himself to death) and strictly protests doing his business if it means soggy paws. I let him out first thing in the morning, for which he was clamoring when I awoke, but quickly tried to duck and sway around me while I continually said, "Go potty, Humphrey. Go. POTTY." Ridiculous. Elliott took this moment to toddle at tip-top speed out onto the patio while screeching, "Agua, agua, agua! Ow-dye, Ow-dye, Ow-dye (outside outside outside)!" Upon feeling those first plops of water hitting the top of his head, Elliott immediately threw his arms up into the air, simultaneously throwing his head back in joy. Oh, that a simple rain shower could bring me such unadulterated joy. Wait. Watching that child o' mine throwing his head back in unadulterated joy brings this mama joy beyond measure.

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Naz said...

Leave it to a child to remind you that rain, although troublesome and even sometimes devastating, is still pretty damn cool to dance around in.