Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chris' sister, Trisha, and her husband, George came all the way from Virginia for a visit this weekend. It has been a long, long time since they've seen Elliott live and in person--Like since he was a screaming, red-faced, overly fussy infant. Don't worry. We've kept them updated on his tremendous growth through precious snapshots, humorous videos and darling anecdotes. Generally, things that make them giggle in adoration or coo out "awws" at his overwhelming precocious nature.

Imagine their surprise when greeted with a screeching, opinionated toddler greeted them, answering their every question with "noooo." I saw the covert looks exchanged above his head, the ones that read, "Uhhhh. . . This is not the child we've heard stories about over the past year and a half. Really. How do any eardrums survive that decibel?" The truth is, he was that kid until about 2 days ago. Okay, okay, maybe it was a week ago. All I know is that I want the sweet, compliant child of a month ago back. I now know the embarrassment of a toddler looking at me, his mother, staring into my eyes deeply and screaming in frustration. I am fairly certain this episode, along with him clinging to my legs or falling onto the floor crying in frustration have been effective birth control for Trisha & George. Very effective, in deed.

P.S. I'll include the super-cute zoo pictures and those classic adorable, perfect child moments in a post later this week. Must keep up the ruse, right?

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