Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Two Truths and 10 Irritations

At some point in pregnancy, typically in the third trimester, I come to realize and accept two truths:
1. I'll never be cold again
2. Most everyone irritates me.

My irritation is in direct proportion to:
1. the amount of sleep I get
2. the amount of stupidity exhibited by other people.

Current irritations?
1. Supervisor with a habitual sniff. Sniffing approximately 13 times per minute will make anyone insane.
2. Self-absorbed people who have zero idea that they are, indeed, self-absorbed. Here's a basic friendship tip: taking a genuine interest in your friends sustains friendship. When a friend tells you something major in their life, failing to follow-up later on the outcome or their emotional well-being is just sucky.
3. Delayed processing of our tax return.
4. Co-workers who can't remember what the heck they are supposed to do or how to complete a procedure despite being on the job for 7+ months. Stupid.
5. People who cannot stand up for themselves. Seriously--don't let someone else run your life.
6. Husbands who don't hear ANYTHING after they are asleep. This includes his own progeny who wakes at 1 am for no apparent reason.
7. Lack of time to get the basics of life achieved: I'm talking basics like oil changes and car washes.
8. Stupid Rick Perry.
9. People who scream for no new taxes and tax cuts, but then are appalled by education cuts and layoffs. Wake up, dumbasses--taxes are how we pay for our education system. As cost of living increases, guess what? We'll need more tax income.
10. Not having ice cream products in our house, but still having to do chores. I feel like I need a reward for my exertion.

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