Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Somebody said" that I have boundaries

The most amazing of weekends with my girlfriends could only be followed by??? Yep. The worst work day since February 21st. Possibly the worst work day since joining this company 6 years ago. I despise working for and reporting to people that aren't trustworthy. Despise. I have done everything in my power to maintain a positive attitude during the transition to a new manager, tried to live up to every expectation only to have my personality dissected over a lunch that was mislabeled as "discussing my concerns." Let's be clear--the lunch was only a pretense to tell me to agree with everything suggested, not voicing history of procedure or to question "why." Disgusting. I also find it to be disgusting that someone is so without gumption as to use terms such as "other people have said" when trying to back up their own views.

When faced with this or a similar situation in the past, I would have fallen apart--become emotional and not stayed strong. This time I fell apart, became emotional and then stayed strong. I did it. When I questioned this so-called superior what I hadn't completed, the answer was nothing. I then asked her to please NOT use the "other people have said" line. When the majority of her critique centered on another person's upset, I repeatedly asked her to redirect that person to talk to me in the future.

So yeah, I cried. I felt disheartened. BUT I stayed strong and didn't give up on my own points--and I set and maintained firm boundaries. This could possibly backfire, but it'll still be a victory for me.

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