Tuesday, March 22, 2011

30 Days Can Make a Difference

It was exactly a month ago that my work-world went all topsy-turvy and made me question my place. To say it's been an emotional, exhausting week would be an understatement. I committed myself to reserving judgment, keeping an open mind as possible when my new supervisor arrived. It is not my nature to reserve judgment, to be patient for a situation to unfold, but I do see the importance. And it looks like this time, my reserve has worked for me so far. My first impression was NOT positive, but I waited. And finally with encouragement and a heart-to-heart with the owner of the company, I allowed myself to open up--to be the forthright, open, helpful person that is my nature. Turns out that this was all I needed to do--I now feel like my new supervisor and I at least have open lines of communication. While the jury is still out on the ultimate resolution of this situation (perfection has not occurred in the 30 days), I have found honest hope. And that is the most I could ask. It is now not a fib to say that I am hopeful, that I have no reason to NOT trust this stranger in our midst.

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