Saturday, March 5, 2011

For every good deal. . .

I love me a good bargain. It's in my genes, if you doubt this, ask the checker at TJ Maxx if she knows my mom. Chances are, if that store is in the North Texas area, the answer will be yes.

After spending the last half of the week in the beautiful muggy city of Houston, I stopped upon my arrival into town at the Just Between Friends Sale. If you are unfamiliar with this consignment genius, Google it. I hit pay dirt again today--35 outfits, 20 pair of socks and 2 pair of shoes. How much, you are asking? Ta-da! $120. For serious. This totally makes up for my outrageous purchase of $50 flip-flops in a moment of foot pain desperation at my conference. I have rationalized by considering 1) my burgeoning blisters, 2) limited choices of footwear at a speech pathology convention and 3) I haven't purchased a pair of shoes since June. Surely these excuses will be enough when Chris questions the price?

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