Monday, October 1, 2012

Touch a . . . What? And McWho???

Truck.  Touch a Truck.  There was a (FREE!) event in Fort Worth yesterday with trucks and tractors and ambulances--oh my!--all available for exploration.  Little boy heaven.  Because Kellen needed to eat, we also had a pit-stop at McDonald's for an ice cream cone and visit to the indoor playscape.  Elliott had never been to McDonald's.  Never before, but thoroughly enjoyed it.

Moving truck madness.

NASCAR was a bit less appealing.

Ringing the bell on the Frog Horn!

Visiting the FW Fire truck.

Trying out the wheel on the 18-wheeler.

That's what Brooklyn thought of the trucks.  

B was wishing she could play with the big kids.

I love this shot.  Love.  

It was a good day.  That is an accomplishment with a one-month old and events during naptime.  Win for all!

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