Friday, October 19, 2012

Let's Send Santa a Number

Elliott is obsessed with Christmas.  All things Holiday, really.  Everyday we have at least one conversation that goes something like this:

E:  It's almost Halloween!
     What comes after Halloween, Mommy?

Me:  November.

E:  It'll be. . . THANKSGIVING!
     And then it'll be. . . What comes next, Mommy?

I'll let you predict for yourself how the rest of it goes.  Based on this obsession, we've had several (hundred) conversations about Christmas.  He already has a list for Santa:  an alarm clock and blocks (Legos).  I was completely confused when he spontaneously told me this morning:

E:  Mommy, we're going to give Santa a number.

Me:  What, Elliott?

E:  You said I could give Santa a number at Christmas. (very emphatically)

Me:  (racking my brain for some clue)

E:  We'll give him a number to tell him an alarm clock and blocks.  You SAID!

Me:  (light dawning)  You mean a letter?  I said we could write him a letter?

E:  (completely indignant) Yes, Mommy.  You said.

Ah.  I suppose it never occurred to me that my three-year old didn't know the difference between a letter that is a symbol and letter than is a form of correspondence.  So yes, we'll be sending Santa a number.

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