Sunday, October 14, 2012

Finding the Yes

Life as a three and a half year old is a study in hearing the word no.  A lot.  I read a blog post a while back about saying yes--to most everything.  Hogwash.  I think I've posted about this before.  I continue to find this  concept is a big ol' challenge.  I find that Elliott hears "no" as the big brother to a year and a half old sister and 6 week old brother far too often.  I am trying to stop and ask, "why not?" Not easy.  By a long shot.  I am le tired.  It seems as though every waking moment of their lives I am busy--running from one chore to another.  I want to say "no."  It is easier.  And honestly, that's what I say quite a bit.  However the result is a helluva lot of whining.  Which makes me bonkers.

Elliott has been asking repeatedly to make a cake.  Random.  BUT we managed it.  A lemonade cake straight from Pinterest.  For this moment, the no was conquered.  Seeing the joy at the end result was worth finding the time (and energy) to say "yes."

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