Friday, August 17, 2012

When You're Married to a Bald Guy. . .

There are things that seem like common sense, but then you realize maybe not so much.  The latest was this week when, for the first time we were forced to use conditioner on Brook-Brook's hair.  She has some serious ratty-frizzy-turned-curly hair on the back of her head.  The matted-hair-look is not in, so conditioner it is.  Well, since I'm roughly the size of a blimp (as noted by the repeated "How many babies are you having?" comments), Chris was in charge of conditioner administration because blimp-people don't reach into a tub so well.  Imagine my surprise when he vigorously scrubbed the conditioner into her hair, only furthering the matted-hair situation.  I put the brakes on that and he turned to me saying, "Oh.  I've never used conditioner before."

Being that the girl inherited her ratty-frizzy-turned-curly hair from me, I could only stare in confusion.

P.S.  If you're married to a bald guy and the shower drain is stopped up, it's always your fault.  Always.  Even when you hate drain hair more that just about anything.

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