Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Spoils

Two visits to the consignment sale were totally worth it.  Even with the second visit including a 3-year old whining for toys--which I totally bribed him with so that I could shop.  You know I love a bargain, and that totally requires me to show-off the spoils of my bargain-hunting.  So here are my favorites:

Polo romper for $3.  Yep, I know its says $6 on the tag, but it was half-off day!

Short-sleeved button-up.  Tommy Hilfigir for $4 for my big boy.

This one was a splurge.  TCU Purple Polo.  $9. Not faded.  Score.

Adorable Baby Gap herringbone coat lined with red satin.  $7.50!

And my favorite of the day--turtleneck, sweatdress and leggings from Gymboree for. . . are you ready?

Yee-haw!  Such a rush!  All together I spent roughly $150 for 6 pair of pants, 6 shirts, 5 pair of pajamas, 2 coats, an adorable car seat cover (the big splurge at $30), three or four books, a game (for therapy purposes) and a recycling truck toy that saved the day.  I call that success. 

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