Friday, August 3, 2012

I Love a Good Sale

It's basically in my genes.  My mom hasn't paid full price for something since at least 1979, likely before, and is a genius at hunting down a good deal.  It's an obsession, an addiction, and something at which she excels.   I believe she learned this from her mother, my Nanny.  So it's a family legacy is what I'm trying to say. 

Most of the time I am letting the family legacy down, I am more of an on-line shopper, forsaking fashion for comfort unless my mom decides to tell me what to wear or give me her hand-me-downs.  BUT I am a huge fan of the consignment sale.  HUGE.FAN.  I knocked out most of Ell's winter wardrobe today.  I say most because my mom and I are headed back tomorrow because its 50% off day.  The words "fifty-percent off" make me all jittery and hand-flapping excited because I can smell a bargain.  Today it was Calvin Klein jeans for $5 and a Ralph Lauren TCU purple long-sleeved polo for $8.  Tomorrow--I venture into the baby section.  And maybe, just maybe, the GIRLS' section. 

The joy of a bargain totally overcomes my desire to hibernate.  It's intense. 

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