Monday, October 3, 2011

The perfect day?

Gymnastics for toddlers?  Yep.  That makes for a pretty major work-out for mama.  For mama holding an infant=double work out.  That's what I learned on Saturday.  That and the fact that my child has inherited my motor-planning, discomfort with new situations and initial compliance with rules and then a bit of defiance.  So it just solidified the fact that he desperately needs this class.

Saturday was one of those perfect days.  Or almost perfect.  Beautiful day with my kids, farmer's market, shopping by myself, a nap, and dinner with my parents at a loverly restaurant with delicious food, perfect patio and amazing drinks.  Oh and some live music.  Dreamy.  I even completed a crafty project.  I'm telling ya' it was almost perfect.  Even Minnie agreed.  Beware of the cuteness overload.

So excited to see Glammy.

Loving the live music.  Seriously.  He was mesmerized.

Making sure Minnie enjoyed the music, too.

Chocolate chip cookie?  Oh, even yesser.

Minnie was pretty much wiped out by the end of the night. . .

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Deana said...

I could just look at those pictures all day.