Saturday, October 22, 2011

Almost a Hippie. . . (Or Pintrest Strikes Again)

I am only a pseudo-hippie.  Recently, I have made up for my lack of cloth diapering with making formula from raw goat milk.  The other side of this is that I bought hair color from Target that was full of chemicals.  See?  pseudo-hippie.

My latest?  I'm forgoing shampoo and conditioner.  My greaseball-self.  I am substituting a baking soda & water combination, followed by an apple cider vinegar combination for the two.  It makes total sense to me that this concoction restores scalp health and by not stripping the scalp of oil, leads to an actual reduction in oil production.  Then there's the obvious benefit of saving money.  The inspiration post for me was this:  Simple Mom--No 'Poo.  Of course there are many similar sites and recipes on the interwebs, but this one was posted by my friend, Stephanie.

Several years ago, I moved to make most of my personal toiletry products organic/all natural, so this is just one brave step forward.  I tried it for the first time today and so far, so good.  The instructions say that it may lead to an increase in oil production initially and that makes me nervous.  I don't think going to work looking like I combed my hair with a pork chop is a good choice for me.

So this is how I'm an almost hippie. . . living in conservy, Republican, surburbia and wearing store-bought clinical strength deodorant.  Yeah.  That one product totally ruins my hippie-cred.  Turns out I can't handle my stank that occurs without it.  Aluminum exposure be damned.  The other product that damns me?  Glammy's Agua.  It's the devil.

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asynchrony said...

I've been enjoying your musings and love your posts! I don't do too many hippy-ish things a I'd like but I try to buy organic when I can. Rodney always makes fun of me for insisting on organic milk for the kids but still eating McDonald's often. I know. No cred whatsoever!

Anyway, It dawned on me the day you wished peace and balance that that's what I'd been working for all this time. It's become my inner voice in times of stress.

Thank you for that.