Sunday, October 30, 2011

No 'Poo, No More

Pretty sure my hippie-no-shampoo experiment has come to an end. . . or at least on pause.  I just couldn't handle the gummy feeling of my hair.  That and I felt self-conscious and wondered everyday if people were looking at my hair and wondering why I hadn't washed it.  Hm.  I'm still interested in reducing/finding an alternative to shampoo, I just am not sure this was the right combination for me.  Plus, I've hit the massive hair-shed of the post-partum period.  Ridic.

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LisaD said...

Well, I admire you for trying, I wouldn't even attempt to try that. I do use TreSemme Naturals though and it's supposed to be a bit better, less chemicals, etc. And it smells good. I couldn't give up my pretty smelling hair stuff. I'm horrible.