Monday, September 26, 2011

The Sad Truth

Pintrest and the darn default categories have made me realize I have turned into something:  someone with no style.  In the "My Style" category, I realized that t-shirts and pajama pants probably aren't re-pin worthy.  Then I realized that the only clothes I have purchased for myself since the arrival of Baby Brook-Brook are a pair of check shorts and navy v-neck tee to go with them.  Oh, and I scored a Big Sam shirt from Camp Carter.  I'm pretty sure that shouldn't count.

I am one of those moms.  You know, the ones who have children that are dressed remarkably cute and sassy and then you look at the mom and wonder what the whuck?  Doesn't she realize?  Then think to yourself, she could be so cute if only she would ______.  Yep.  That's me.  I will even openly admit that the large majority of my clothes are hand-me-downs from my mom.  My mom.  Yes, she has style, but still.

Here's the thing:  I only half-way care.  My mother (the one with the style) will be horrified when she reads this because she so desperately wants me to care more, but alas, I'm stuck at the half-way point.  Why half-way?  I like to look cute, but the reality is:

  1. I have a NEED to be comfortable.  Need.  It hasn't changed since that shabby, sloppy royal blue jogging suit I wore in 7th grade until my mom said I couldn't wear it out anymore.  It also counts for shoes.  I like heels on other people--I do.  But I need my toes to be comfy.  
  2. Clothes shopping is depressing.  I don't like my size and therefore purchasing clothes in that dreaded number is just further reminder.
  3. I am cheap.  I love a good bargain.  Turns out that grown-up clothes that look nice are pricey.  
  4. I hate to iron.  The last time I ironed was 3 years ago.  I'm fairly certain that wasn't an exaggeration.
  5. I'm doing well to get out of the house looking presentable.  This means my jewelry hasn't been unpacked since we moved.  In April 2010.  
 These new shoes might be the prime example of my half-way cute, comfortable style:

Hrm.  Now I just seem fat and lazy.  Oh, and sloppy.  Oh well.  I only half-way care.


Lisa D said...

Ok ok, I know I'm larger than you are, and there are plenty of cute, comfy things in my size so I know there are in yours too. Also, I never wear heels anymore, I sold all my cute heels in a garage sale so I didn't have to look at them anymore. But there are a lot of cute flast! I find the brand Me Too is pretty comfy and they always have them at the discount shoe stores and Nordstrom Rack. I have a "uniform" that makes life easier. Black pants, tank, sweater or coat, or a dress and flats. Makes shopping easy and getting dressed easy! And you are beautiful just as you are, you should go buy yourself something nice!

EMAAC said...

As I sit here typing in the SMU tank top that I have had since 7th grade - yes 7th grade (which makes this shirt older than all of the ages of my children combined) that I have fallen into the same rut as you. I have my mommy uniform that is the epitomy of comfort, but lacks in the style department. Lately I purcase clothes in mass quantities when they fit and they look semi-decent (ie I have the same tshirt in every color, same goes with pants). That being said the last thing I bought clothing-wise for myself was socks -- over a year ago. The Target capri's I purchased 6 years ago are still a main-stay in my fashion diet and I live for the v-neck t's at Target.

I am starting to believe it is a mommy wardrobe curse that no one tells you about. :) (much like how to get your childrent to sleep through the night and how to make the transition to a binkie-free life)

All that said, try not to forget that you're an amazing, wonderful and passionate person. No one cares what size your pants are, least of all the two adoring children you have brought into this world. Keep the faith that eventually our desire for a more self-centered wardrobe will return eventually.

helga said...

Thank you for saying I have style. I like to be comfy also. I am not horrified by your post. I went through the Mommy phase where I wore ugly clothing because it was more important to me (same as you) that my children look good and the Lord knows we couldn't all get out of the house looking good. Truth be told, it doesn't matter what you wear, what matters is you are a loving daughter and even more a loving Mother. Someday when you have more time and no small children to care for you will treat yourself better. Love you a bushel and pickle.