Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Drug Store, Oh How I Love Thee

You know what I love?  Yes, yes, my kids.  But this post isn't about that.  No, this post is about one of my long-time loves.

The drug store.  Oh, the drug store!  Walgreen's, CVS. . . you name it, and I love it.  The miles of make-ups, shampoos, conditioners, face wash, nail polish (I can't even remember the last time I painted my own nails, but still)--sigh.

Then there's the abundance of magazines, greeting cards and candy--candy!

Office supplies, oh how I love office supplies.  The joy of searching out the right pen, delightful markers and Sharpies--Sharpies!

I can spend much time perusing the band-aids, supplements, the cleaning supplies.

I think my passion is rooted in my early experiences of the Saginaw Pharmacy.  Privately owned, delightfully cluttered with cosmetics, high-end stuffed animals (oxymoron?), and the alluring candy at the check-out, I was thrilled to stop with Nanny on our way home from "town."  I've searched for a picture of that by-gone establishment, but alas, who thinks to take a picture of a pharmacy?

(Things I don't love about the drug store include waiting endlessly in the pharmacy drive-thru line. . . for upwards of 10 minutes without moving an inch.  Then to actually have to drag my lazy arse out of the car and go inside, only to find that my prescription isn't there.  Gah.  How is it the drug companies are getting rich, many people can't afford to buy their prescriptions, but the pharmacies are chronically understaffed?)

I exhibited remarkable reserve tonight when I went to CVS and managed to return after purchasing only my prescription.  NO impulse buys, even though the two bottles of hydrogen peroxide for $1.99 was mighty tempting.

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