Sunday, September 25, 2011

I'll Kick You in the Cookie Nuts

We spent the weekend with Manny, Ben and Baby Fin.  Phrase of the weekend?  "Cookie Nuts."  What are cookie nuts, you might ask?  For some reason, this is what Ell calls fortune cookies, which he has eaten because he found the leftovers after Chinese take-out.  Because he has the memory of an elephant, he occasionally asks for cookie nuts.  Because the four of us are parents of sketchy high moral fiber, this is hysterical to us .. .

Carrying on with this theme, Saturday afternoon was spent like this:

If you are wondering if we set up a kiddy pool right there in the front yard, the answer is yes.  If you are wondering if we just went with swim diapers and just disregarded the need for swim trunks, the answer is yes.  We're classy that way.  Throw in a few mixed drinks while lounging in the camp chairs, it really rounds out the scene.

Typically when we see Manny, Ben and Baby Fin, it is with family swarming.  They visit here and we see them at my parents' house or out to dinner with the whole family.  Summary:  lots of people.  When we see them in Austin, it is typically when there us a large organized event--a birthday party, a funeral, etch.  This weekend was one of NO AGENDA.  It was ahhh-mazing.  We managed to make it to a local Farmer's Market to purchase the fixins for dinner. . . . and. . . well, that was the sum total of our adventures, unless you count Ell's numerous requests to "go to walk" in the wagon.

Fantastic break.  We stopped at the outlet mall on the way home to visit the Crocs store and the Disney Store Outlet.  That is a whole other post, so I can't spoil it or I'd have to kick you in the cookie-nuts.

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