Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bathroom Etiquette

One might assume with the title of this post that I might be launching into a tirade about the bathroom etiquette of one of my boys.  You, dear reader, would be wrong.

This post is dedicated to the stupendously oblivious women using the public restroom in the office building.  Grown women.  Grown professional women.  In said bathroom, there are 4 stalls.  In my world, a public bathroom serves one purpose.  Just one. . . mayyyybe two--to use the restroom and maybe to collect myself in the face of emotional upset.  Period.  In stark contrast, these women believe the following are acceptable public restroom behaviors:

1.  Phone calls while on the toilet.  Without shame.

2.  Business phone calls on the bench outside of the stalls.  Overheard yesterday, "This is XXX from Chesapeake Energy, calling about your gas lease. . ."  Really?  Really?  Even if you don't have an office, wouldn't your car be a better choice for conducting business when compared to a public restroom?

3.  Making doody and not flushing the toilet.  Urinating and using mass quantities of paper towels to stuff in the toilet.  I'm not saying these things have happened once or twice.  I'm saying this is a daily occurrence.  Remember, this is an office building--no children allowed.

4.  Pooping, making doody, with the stall door OPEN.  In. Public.  Again, not one time, but many.  There have been at least three separate occasions this has happened in the past two weeks, based only on the encounters had between my co-workers and me.

Even typing this out, I am completely dumbfounded.  I don't understand.  How?  However in the world away from your own home is this acceptable?

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