Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Third Trimester! Celebrate with Cankles?

The two go together like peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, shampoo and conditioner, Frosties and french fries. My point is that my OB confirmed to me yesterday that yes, I am officially in the home stretch, a return to discomfort that the last 13 weeks of pregnancy brings. (Not so) coincidentally, our a/c at the office was on the blink today and I felt that tell-tale tightness in my ankles. It seems that my ankles have a direct line of connection to my OB's mouth. Maybe the connection is to my own mouth because I just mentioned to my office-mate this morning that I could still wear my wedding ring set comfortably and had experienced no swelling. Clearly, I forgot to knock on wood or throw salt over my shoulder or wear my lucky panties or something along those lines.

(I'm totally exaggerating just a teensy-tiny bit. There was a bit swelling, but nothing near cankle-stage. This post is for dramatic purposes only.)

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Deana said...

Sometimes I get them. And I am not creating life in my belly. Irresistibly cute life at that.