Friday, February 11, 2011

Our Monkey had a Party!

We celebrated Elliott's birthday with a party this past weekend. Just for the record--I resisted the urge to go all soccer-mom on party planning. Really. I did. The event was very simple. Simple and balloon-filled. He was elated--not because he knew it was a party for him, but because, for the first time in four days, he was seeing people other than Mommy and Daddy. Seriously. We had been trapped inside during the Ice Disaster of 2011 and certainly we were all a little worse for the wear.

Back to the party: We had a Two-Two Train celebration. Elliott's favorite items of the day, in particular order:

1. Tethered dozen boon (balloons), which Elliott drug around the party en masse, at times getting completely tangled in the ribbons.

2. Elmo boon (balloon)
3. Choo-choo boon (balloon)--sense a theme here?
4. Hide-and-seek with Poppy

5. Cake-cake (mainly just the icing bits)

6. Opening presents. Exciting, but it's really all about tearing the paper--not always the toy/book inside. That comes later.

And a bonus shot of Ell-man. Careful not to drown in those eyes.

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Deana said...

I. love. that. face.

That is all.