Thursday, February 17, 2011

Musings from the Couch OR Hypochondria in Action

Elliott has had strep throat this week. Not the total devastation that it may appear on first glance because we seemed to have caught it early. However, my sweet husband can border on hypochondria. I can say this because he doesn't read my corner of the interwebs. Each time someone near him is ill, Chris has to seriously consider if he has drafted the same infection. This includes pregnancy. Knowing this history, please consider this conversation:

(Setting: Mullaney living room couch, Elliott is in bed)
Chris: Have you had strep throat before?
Me: Yes
Chris: Does it start with your throat feeling really itchy?
Me: No
Chris: Hmm. I was thinking I was getting what Elliott has.
Me: Internal sigh and eye roll.

I love this man. I do.

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